Italy Sponsored Visa from Bangladesh

Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen has announced that Italy is planning to increase its recruitment of manpower from Bangladesh. The government is actively engaged in finalizing the memorandum of understanding to streamline this process. To a question about signing an agreement or memorandum of understanding to send workers to Italy, he said, “We are working on it. They have given a proposal, we are scrutinizing this proposal and it will be signed very soon.

Highlighting the bilateral discussion between Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni regarding labor recruitment, Minister AK Abdul Momen stated, “Within our expatriate community, there are individuals with both legal and illegal statuses. Our intention is to amplify the legal workforce while addressing concerns regarding those who are unauthorized.”

  • Italy Sponsored Visa

Opting for a sponsor visa opens a secure and legal gateway to Italy, eliminating any associated risks. Annually, between February and March, the Italian government welcomes recruits via sponsored visas, a process outlined by notifications published through respective Ministries of Expatriate Welfare in various nations. The sponsor visa serves as a legitimate route for individuals aspiring to work lawfully and systematically in Italy under a work permit visa framework. This pathway involves the initial entry into Italy via a sponsored visa, followed by the acquisition of a seasonal or non-seasonal work visa. It’s important to note that unauthorized entry into Italy poses multifaceted challenges and predicaments.


The sponsor visa for Italy is estimated to amount to approximately 3-4 lakh Taka. Notably, this financial commitment will be shouldered by the government recruiting agency. Alternatively, if you’re seeking to embark on this journey from overseas, the expenses are projected to remain within the 3 lakh rupees range. Embracing the sponsor visa route extends the possibility of venturing into Italy through other global hubs, such as Dubai and Singapore. However, if you opt for this pathway via different countries, you’ll need to adhere to their respective sponsor visa prerequisites. These nations host a myriad of agencies facilitating this process, including some that facilitate Italy entry through corporate connections, albeit at a slightly elevated cost.

  • Documents required for Italy visa

The Italy Sponsor Visa necessitates the submission of specific documents through the embassy, each with comprehensive details:

  • A passport with a minimum validity of 6 months.
  • Four sets of passport-sized photographs.
  • Photocopies of the National Identification Card (NID).
  • Photocopies of the Registration ID Card.
  • Evidence of ongoing employment.
  • Documentation substantiating current overseas employment.


Italy Visa Cost

Italy’s visa categories fall into two distinct divisions: seasonal and non-seasonal. The seasonal visa, tailored for stays of 6 to 9 months, strictly enforces this timeframe, disallowing extensions beyond the specified period. On the flip side, the non-seasonal visa offers unlimited residence, granting you the freedom to remain according to your preference without time constraints.

Under the seasonal visa umbrella, you’ll encounter study, medical, and travel visas, each catering to specific purposes. In contrast, the non-seasonal visa primarily encompasses work opportunities. A seasonal visa typically incurs expenses ranging from Rs 3 to 4 lakhs, while the non-seasonal variant commands a higher investment of Rs 10 to 11 lakhs. However, it’s worth noting that non-seasonal visas for Italy are notably scarce, often obtained more readily if you boast close familial ties within the country.

Given the complexity of securing a non-seasonal visa, a significant number of Bangladeshi individuals have undertaken circuitous routes, departing from their homeland and ultimately aiming for Italy. For instance, the passage from Dubai to Italy presents itself as a relatively straightforward journey. Similarly, some individuals embark on their Italy journey from Iraq. Yet, traversing this route comes fraught with risks and uncertainties. Many Bangladeshi youth have undertaken perilous journeys, opting to navigate illegal pathways into Italy. Nonetheless, the wisest course remains embracing the legal avenue to Italy, eschewing life-threatening risks.

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