Saudi Riyal To Bangladeshi Taka Exchange Rate Today

Saudi Riyal To Taka: A significant number of Bangladeshi expatriates have established their lives in Saudi Arabia. Those from Bangladesh who reside in Saudi Arabia frequently seek the latest exchange rate updates for the Saudi Arabian Riyal. This information is pivotal for them as they intend to remit funds back home towards the end of each month. In this post, we aim to provide today’s prevailing exchange rate for the Saudi Arabian Riyal, aiming to assist the dedicated individuals who play a crucial role as remittance contributors to their home country.

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Saudi Arabian Riyal Rate Today

Saudi Arabian Riyal Bangladeshi Taka
1 Riyal 29.12 BDT
100 Riyal 2,912 BDT
500 Riyal 14,562 BDT
1000 Riyal 29,124 BDT

How to send money from Saudi to the country? 

Many Bangladeshis live in Saudi Arabia. They send huge amount of remittance every month to the country. Many expatriates send money to the country legally, while many choose the illegal route. We would advise you to keep the country’s economy running by sending remittances to the country through legal means.


To transfer money from Saudi Arabia to your home country, you have the option of using platforms like Bkash. However, if the sum you’re sending is substantial, it’s advisable to opt for bank transfers. This choice proves advantageous as sending funds through banks doesn’t entail supplementary charges. Trusted institutions such as Dutch Bangla Bank, Islami Bank, Agrani Bank, and Sonali Bank can be employed to facilitate these transactions. These avenues are widely recognized and preferred by those seeking to transfer money from Saudi Arabia.


When Sending money Saudi Riyal rate is more expensive?

During periods of favorable economic conditions in Saudi Arabia, the value of the Saudi Riyal tends to rise in the global market. When you observe an increase in the international exchange rate of the Saudi Arabian Riyal, it is advisable to promptly initiate the process of sending money to your home country. This approach allows you to receive a relatively higher amount of Bangladeshi Taka in exchange for each Saudi Riyal. Therefore, we encourage you to stay informed by regularly reading our Saudi Riyal Rate articles, which will provide you with the most up-to-date information.

আরো পডুনঃ

Note: Check for updates when sending Riyals from Saudi Arabia. Because the rate of money is variable. Rates are subject to change at any time. Finally, I want to say one thing, send money from abroad in a legal way. Sending money legally increases the country’s GDP.

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