USA Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery 2024 Application Process

USA Diversity Visa

The online application process for the USA Diversity Visa 2024 (DV) is now open for submissions. Through the USA Green Card Lottery program, the U.S. government allocates 55,000 Green Cards annually. The selection process for U.S. visa applicants takes place randomly within the Green Card Lottery. Those who are chosen from this pool, along with their immediate family members, are granted diversity immigrant visas. These visas confer upon them the lawful authorization to establish permanent residence and pursue work opportunities in the United States.


The opportunity to secure U.S. green cards for both you and your family is within reach. However, prompt application for the Green Card Lottery is essential. If you’re considering applying for the USA Diversity Visa (DV 2024) Program, it’s advisable to thoroughly review the complete article. In this comprehensive guide, we provide intricate instructions on how to submit an application for the USA Green Card, along with additional details.


It’s important to note that while not all citizens of Bangladesh are currently eligible to directly participate in the DV Lottery or the USA Green Card 2024 program, a subset of Bangladeshi citizens meet the necessary criteria for application. We invite you to delve into the entirety of the article, where we outline a step-by-step process tailored to assist eligible individuals from Bangladesh in their application journey.



Prior to participating in the Diversity Visa DV-2024 Green Card Lottery, applicants are required to have been born in a qualifying country. Qualifying countries are those with lower rates of immigration to the United States. Individuals born in countries characterized by high rates of U.S. immigration are ineligible for entry into the Diversity Visa DV Lottery. Provided below is an inventory of countries from which natives are presently excluded from engaging in the Green Card Lottery. If you hold citizenship in a country not included in this list, you are eligible to readily apply for the USA DIVERSITY VISA (DV) 2024.

United States Government Green Card Lottery


The United States Government’s Green Card Lottery program was established with the aim of granting visas to immigrants hailing from countries with an immigration rate of fewer than 55,000 individuals over a span of five years. Administered annually by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the Green Card Lottery presents an opportunity for those interested in obtaining a U.S. green card. It’s essential to submit your application before the designated deadline, as the USA immigration authorities meticulously review each application. Qualified applicants are eligible to apply for the USA Green Card through this process. To gain a comprehensive understanding of the USA immigration system, I encourage you to peruse the entirety of this article. We’ve meticulously outlined every aspect in a step-by-step manner to provide you with a clear picture of the process. Rest assured, we’ve got you covered.


  • When is the right time to Apply for the Green Card Lottery?

The demand for Green Cards can sometimes surpass the available supply. Priority is given to individuals who are immediate family members of U.S. Citizens or those who possess specialized skills. For individuals who don’t fall under these categories, the Green Card Lottery offers an avenue to come to the United States. To initiate the process, ensure that you meet all the prerequisites for the USA green card application. Accurate information is paramount; if the details provided align with the application criteria, there’s a chance of being selected for the USA green card.


For those interested, the official government website for the Green Card Lottery is If you believe you meet the eligibility criteria, you can apply for the USA green card visa. It’s crucial to provide genuine information, as attempting to apply with false details will lead to automatic rejection of your Green Card or USA visa application. This understanding is important. If this opportunity piques your interest, we urge you to follow our instructions closely.


The provided instructions include a step to check your eligibility status on DV Lottery official  ( website. Only if you qualify should you proceed with your application, ensuring that all documentation is accurate. This step is designed to assist everyone in the process. Through the aforementioned avenue, qualified candidates have the opportunity to apply for the USA Green Card Application program. This approach streamlines the process, making it easier to apply for the USA Green Card program.


Countries that cannot participate in the DV Lottery:

  • Bangladesh
  • China (including Hong Kong SAR)
  • Canada
  • Honduras
  • Colombia
  • Brazil
  • El Salvador
  • Jamaica
  • Haiti
  • Guatemala
  • India
  • Nigeria
  • Mexico
  • Philippines
  • Pakistan
  • United Kingdom (excluding Northern Ireland) and
  • South Korea
  • Dominican Republic
  • Vietnam
  • Find a Job in Canada

How can a Bangladeshi citizen participate in the USA Diversity Visa DV Lottery 2024?

For the Green Card Program of 2024, direct application for the DV Lottery is not available to Bangladeshi citizens. However, eligibility extends to individuals whose spouse resides in a qualifying country. USA Diversity Visa DV Visa for Bangladesh: Were you born in a country where the native citizens are ineligible for the DV 2024 program, yet neither of your parents were born or residing legally in that country at the time of your birth? If your answer is yes, you can lay claim to the birth country of one of your parents, provided it is a nation where its citizens meet the eligibility criteria for the DV 2024 program.


Alternative Method 2: Every applicant for the Diversity Visa DV must fulfill the educational or professional experience prerequisites of the DV program:

This entails having either successfully graduated from high school or its equivalent, which comprises a formal 12-year primary and secondary education, or possessing a vocation that mandates a minimum of two years of training or practical experience. This allows for the acquisition of two years of work experience within the past five years.


Nevertheless, individuals from 18 nations, Bangladesh included, will be excluded from applying for the DV Lottery this time. The U.S. State Department has outlined that these countries have surpassed the threshold of sending over 50,000 immigrants to the United States within the preceding five years. In addition to Bangladesh, citizens from the following countries are not directly eligible for DV 2024: India, Pakistan, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, China, Philippines, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Haiti, Jamaica, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru, South Korea, Vietnam, and the United Kingdom (excluding Northern Ireland).


How to Apply for DV LOTTERY Online 2024?

Essential Requirements for Applying to the USA Diversity Visa DV Lottery 2024

Ensure thorough completion of the designated application form on the DV website, incorporating the following details:

  1. Previous name of the applicant
  2. Date of birth
  3. Place of birth (specify the city/district corresponding to birth or as indicated in the birth registration document)
  4. Country of birth
  5. Applicant’s photograph
  6. Complete residential address
  7. Current country of residence
  8. Contact phone number (if available)
  9. Email address (if available)
  10. Highest level of education achieved
  11. Marital status
  12. Number of children (if any child is below 21 years of age)
  13. Spouse’s information (if the applicant is a husband, provide details of the wife in this section)
  14. Information about children


Last Word: Bangladeshis cannot directly participate in USA DV Lottery. However, there are some ways to get a US green card. Anybody can apply if his/her spouse/parents lives in eligible countries and who live in USA. It’s important to note that the DV Lottery process can change from year to year, so always refer to the official U.S. State Department website for the most up-to-date information and instructions.

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